PennStro Leasing, LLC. is offering two maintenance options when leasing or renting a trailer: Preventative and Net/Net Maintenance.  Other leasing/rental companies offer several levels of service and charge more for each service that is provided. At PennStro, either we can handle the maintenance or you can – hassle free options with no confusion.

Preventative Maintenance:

PennStro will perform or manage the maintenance required for the trailer and/or refrigeration unit.  This maintenance program will cover the following items: normal and regular tire and brake replacement, door seals, light bulbs and other items related to normal wear. Damaged items will be replaced, but will be the responsibility of the customer.  The maintenance program for the refrigeration units will cover the normally schedule inspections/normally worn parts.

Net/Net Maintenance:

The customer will assume responsibility for performing any and all required maintenance on the trailer and refrigeration unit.  If the trailer is returned with the same aggregate tire tread/brake readings and condition at time of termination, there will be no additional charges. If the trailer is returned with a lower tire or brake reading than was outbounded, PennStro will charge a flat amount per 1/32nd inch for tire tread wear and 1/8th inch for brake wear. Please refer to your lease agreement for agreed upon amounts. All components needing repair on the trailer and refrigeration unit are the responsibility of the customer.

If your company has selected the Net/Net Maintenance option, there will be a $50 fee associated with managing the breakdown event along with any additional cost involved in the repair(s).